Friday, October 30, 2009

Insane footwear.

I look at these shoes and and ouch. I think it is pretty fascinating that shoes can be made into a piece of art, but I know for sure my face would hit the pavement before I even had a chance to put on the other shoe.
My favorite would have to be the bootie adorned with a sash detail. So fun but I hope I wouldn't trip over it.
What do you think?


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Love the sash boot...but what is with that mohawk sandal? How does that even go on your foot??

Nire` said...

no idea. i think maybe it wraps around? if that makes any sense!!!

katie case belden said...

have you seen the little video the new yorker did with girls that worked there walking on the sidewalk in ridiculous and fabulous designer shoes ?

Nire` said...

what video? send it to me?

katie case belden said...