Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall and winter accessories.

We all have our favorite cold weather accessories. Whether its scarves, gloves, muffs, coats or boots, everyone loves to layer. My obsession this year is gloves. I have fingerless leather, leather, lace, knit, etc. I even started to add my own flair by adding studs and spikes. Here are a few designer gloves at a steep price that you could DIY. Find a pair of cheap leather gloves. You can buy studs online at M&J Trimmings. Mark on your gloves with chalk where you want to place your studs. You can place studs in leather by hand using a hard surface or hammer to close the studs in place. No need for special tools and you can get a fun pair of gloves at a fraction of the designer cost. Feel free to comment if you have any questions about how to do it! Enjoy!


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katie case belden said...

if i wear gloves with spikes i feel like i might have a bad attitude....and im ok with that....i plan on making them then being rude to strangers while wearing them :o)

Nire` said...

hmmm yes that could be a good idea. if you wear them, i would be scared. a little person with intimidating gloves....hmmm?