Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tyler Shields.

Now I know I usually do fashion posts but I can not resist posting something about this amazingly brilliant photographer...Tyler Shields. He can capture a scene to the point where you can feel the intensity of the moment. He is so good, he doesn't even use photoshop or any other method of editing. Check out a few of my favorites. I love all of the red heel

Tyler also creates these video portfolios and has worked with some the greatest up and coming talent in the entertainment industry. He doesn't sleep and rarely eats based off of his twitter status updates and will shoot anyone, anywhere, and however he feel like it. He recently did a shoot with Portia Doubleday from Youth in Revolt where they both had black eyes and busted lips. I wonder if they actually went there and did it to each other. Brilliant and dedicated. I am a dedicated fan and I can only hope to work with him one day. Hint hint...
Check out his website(where these images are from) here.

No, Life is definitely not a fairytale.


Anonymous said...

I love tyler shields and i love your words about him!

Nire` said...

thank you! he is really talented!